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Any time ^_^V

Well I kinda took charge of tonights RPG session. I scared everyone with my DO NOT TALK FOR _ MINS sign. It kept everything in order and everyone took doing mime'n. We chated abit and had a charms class. So anythime you need a gamesmaster...I'll just be a sub ^_^;
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I don't know... I think I speak for Julian, too, when I say that I am sorry for not being online right away. My parents wanted us to watch a movie, then a friend of mine came over...etc. My being late doesn't happen often, nor does Julian's.

After you left, there were a number of people who actually complained about your taking charge. And might I remind you that it's not right to just take control of a session. It's not that we're trying to be tyrannical GMs, it's that we need to know what's going on so we can plan new sessions and such. I WISH that everyone could do their own little thing and that everything would turn out well, but it doesn't happen that way.

If you do want to have a session, please IM me and I'll watch over it. As you've already seen, I'm not very controlling, so though I sometimes need to put in my two cents (in order to keep everything close to the storyline or in-character only), you guys basically have free reign on what you're doing. Just as long as nothing is too strange or out-of-character.

Please, I'm sorry we weren't there right away, but don't take control again like that.
Well I'm sorry! But people were sitting there for over 45 mins doing nothing. This rpg is supposed to be fun. So I tried to keep them occupied. Next time we will do nothing while waiting for you
That is not the point. We have waited in the past for some to arrive, and we have waited patiently. Now, can we not be given the same courtesy, or does our RP have to be usurped? I simply do not understand what would compell you to take over a session, when you knew plain and well that we would be there.

I don't know. At least consult us before doing something like that, because, in all honesty, unprepared sessions from people who don't have experience GMing are what ruin the fun for RPs usually. I know from experience.

So, this is not a put down to you, nor anything meant to be offensive. Just...remember that we're all here to have fun, and deciding that you are more important is simply offensive to everyone here. I'd like to think we're all equal....with the exception of Dylan.

Thanks, Julian.