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Important Note:


I've noticed that some of you have introduced Harry Potter merchandise (dolls, etc.) into the RPG. Be VERY careful about doing this. Recognize that in the scheme of things, only Harry would be important enough (although you never know, someone demented may have made Lockhart dolls along the way) to have any merchandise made after him. But even then, the wizard world wouldn't even create such things of him.

You might want to back off of that, just because, as Moony Girl has said, HP merchandise belongs in our world; not the world we roleplay in. Oliver, Draco, Ron etc. just do not have enough admirers that would cause a demand for action figures/dolls. Now, perhaps the idea of voodoo dolls could be brought in during a side story sometime, but those of course, would be homemade dolls..

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you should just try to keep away from talking so much about those things. ^_^

Thanks for reading.
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