Winifred Fairchild (winnie_the_fair) wrote in hp_enchanted,
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Update for the special session:

It's going to be at 7:00PM EST on Saturday. ^^;

Hope you can come. I'll send out an e-mail, if I have the time. Staff is needed most of all.

EDIT: Also, a notice: how would you all feel if Hogwarts were to, say, be decorated with random sprigs of mistletoe throughout the school until the middle of January? It'd make things... interesting, to say the least. It wouldn't be everywhere, so, for instance, Cho couldn't see Cedric and then "Oh! *Suddenly notice that she's standing below mistletoe*" You know, no conveniences. Mistletoe would be enchanted, and the mentioned sprigs of it would not stay at the same locations for long; so no one could drag anyone to the location of a sprig. Basically, the placing of mistletoe is up to the whimsy of the gamemasters. ;D MEHEHE. So, if you have an opinion about that, then do comment.
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